SEPTEMBER 22, 2021

Elton releases ‘After All’ with Charlie Puth

Elton John and Charlie Puth have today unveiled ‘After All’, the latest song to be taken from the forthcoming album ‘The Lockdown Sessions’.


Whilst the first single from ‘The Lockdown Sessions’ ‐ the dancefloor-filling anthem ‘Cold Heart with Dua Lipa (PNAU Remix)’ ‐ continues to grow and grow into a bonafide global smash, ‘After All’ showcases a very different side to this multifaceted album. Built around a gently swaying electric piano and swelling strings, Elton and Charlie’s vocals combine with a subtlety and power that create a classic soulful ballad that stands as a worthy addition to Elton’s canon of great songs.


Elton and Charlie met by a chance encounter in an LA restaurant at the very start of March 2020. Having previously supported Charlie’s records on the Apple Music ‘Rocket Hour’ show, the two struck up a conversation and discovered they lived near each other. As the pandemic began to take hold, Charlie invited Elton over and the results of the session are the achingly gorgeous ‘After All’, the first work either of them completed during lockdown.

Charlie is an amazing musician; we just hit it off. He’s become a friend and a friend of the family. Our children love him and he loves them. Everyone we’ve worked with on The Lockdown Sessions I’ve really gotten closer to them, it’s quite amazing. With ‘After All’ Charlie and I were in the studio, just the two of us. He’s got a little home set up with his keyboards, synths, and Pro Tools. I played electric piano and actually wrote the song all the way through and then Charlie wrote the lyrics pretty quickly. He’s incredibly quick, Charlie. We just had an amazing chemistry in the studio.

Elton John

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Elton and Charlie will be speaking about the new single and answering questions from fans this Sunday, 26 September at 7pm BST. Head to Elton’s TikTok, follow and submit your questions via the Q+A button in his bio to get involved.