August 24, 2017

Elton: In Conversation – a New YouTube Collection

Watch the new "Elton: In Conversation" YouTube playlist.

Elton has given countless television and online interviews since his career began over four decades ago.

Often, but not always, including a performance component, Elton has appeared on chat shows, news featurettes, and other media events, speaking a vast variety of topics, not just whatever album or tour he might be promoting at the moment.

We have collected nearly two dozen (look for that number to rise over time) of these in a YouTube Playlist called Elton John: In Conversation. Now, with just one click, you can access Elton speaking about:

  • How music has given him comfort throughout his life, and how it crosses all boundaries: racial, political, and geographical. “Ever since I was three years old I can remember music being my solace, my pillow, my teddy bear, my joy, my comfort.”
  • David Bowie, who had recently passed, on a SiriusXM studio-audience event at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles in January 2016. “If it wasn’t for David Bowie I would never have found my original producer, Gus Dudgeon, and Paul Buckmaster, who arranged the first three albums for me.”
  • His love of vinyl, in an industry-attended interview with radio announcer Paul Gambaccini in 2016. “A part of me died when [Tower Records in Los Angeles] left. … I have a vinyl system in Vegas and a vinyl system at home.”
  • His 50-year Pinner County Grammar School Class Reunion, on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show on January 18, 2016. “It was like being back at school with these people. They were so fabulous. … It was one of the nicest days of my life.”
  • The making of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, in a 10-minute promotional video for the 40th anniversary release of that album. “The songs were just pouring out. I would write at breakfast…the band would get up as I was writing – they’d finished their breakfast, join in, and by the time breakfast was over we’d written and rehearsed two songs.”
  • How David Beckham’s boys (Elton's godsons) made him sing songs from The Lion King, on The Graham Norton Show on February 4, 2016. “They said, ‘Uncle Elton…you write songs don’t you?’ I said, ‘Yeah..’ ‘Sing us one!’ So, what do you do?”
  • What makes him so enthusiastic about collaborating with other artists, also on the SiriusXM studio-audience event at the Wiltern. “It’s so much fun – especially when the other person is a great performer. You learn something.”

Watch these and many other interviews with Elton in the playlist now. Please remember we will be adding to this collection over time, so make sure to subscribe to revisit Elton in conversations old and new.