Elton answers your Glastonbury questions!

Q1. What was it like performing at Glastonbury compared to a normal stadium show? P.S. Thank you for introducing me to Stephen Sanchez’s music!
A1. It was chalk and cheese; the stadium shows had been fantastic but with Glastonbury, I was overwhelmed by the crowd and the reception. It was one of the most exciting days of my life, not only my career. I was so touched by the reception I got. I’ll never forget it, it was just superb, wonderful stuff and I was so happy. I’ve never played at a happier atmosphere.

Q2 How did you decide on the setlist – any regrets leaving anything out? From Carlyalong
A2.No regrets about the set list. We wanted to start with an up-tempo song and I hadn’t played Pinball Wizard for years. I think it was Davey Johnstone’s idea to start with Pinball Wizard. Funeral For A Friend is not the same thing, it starts quite slowly and I wanted to kick it off really quickly and it was a brilliant decision.

Q3. Your Glastonbury performance was magical! How did you decide on your guests?
A3. That was quite easy. I wanted Rina because I love Rina, I wanted Stephen Sanchez because I love him, Jacob Lusk is just amazing and Brandon has been my friend for so long that I wanted someone from a longer friendship to come along as the others are new friendships.

Q4. How did you prepare for that show?
A4. We rehearsed for two days in Wembley Arena because we had to get it right. You can’t just ask people to come on and for it to be ragged. But it went really, really smoothly – I mean Stephen Sanchez! No one hardly knew who he was and he came on stage and just took it over, it’s astonishing. But I knew he could do that. I knew they all could and that none of them would be afraid. They all pulled out all the stops. It was joyous to see the reception they got!

Q5. Who do you recommend seeing at Glastonbury this year?
A5. I’d definite recommend the headliners, Dua, Coldplay and SZA – great friends and great headliners! Then there are a lot of artists I’d have the pleasure to speak to or play on the Rocket Hour – Brittany Howard, Declan Mckenna, Jalen Ngonda, Jordan Rakei, Nia Archives, Nothing But Thieves, Olivia Dean, Peggy Gou, Romy, The Last Dinner Party, Yard Act – to name a few!

Q6. It was an amazing performance! What did your sons think of it? From Sam.rawlinson
A6. They had the time of their lives because they love Central Cee and Aitch and they were so excited to see them and get photos with them. They couldn’t quite believe the size of the crowds but they had the best time and they’d love to go again.

Q7. Elton, before the show, how were your nerves? Despite being used to playing huge events, surely Glastonbury must have made you a tad apprehensive or overwhelmed.
A7. I was lucky enough to have so many friends and family there, people who had come to support that I spent most of my time saying hello to them.

Q8. Were there any artists you wished that you’d had time to go and see perform? From a.ranyell
A8. Of course! I would have loved to see Olivia Dean, Joesef, Nova Twins, Josh Homme, Lil Nas X but I was lucky that they were kind enough to come say hello to me before my set.

Q9. How did you pick your amazing outfit? From Hmeldrum1
A9. I wanted a gold lamé suit because I wanted it to be a special suit. You’re coming in and making an entrance, you’ve got one chance at Glastonbury so you’ve really got to crash it and go for broke. But it was really hot! And I couldn’t walk so well because it was before my knee surgery but I was determined to get through it. The gold suit was a triumph, I was so happy with it.

Q10. Why did your trousers fall down? From Arch.he4ne
A10. Because they were too big! And Paul McCartney who was there, sent me a pair of gold braces to keep my trousers up the next week which made me laugh so much!