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The Muse

The Muse

Elton’s third soundtrack was for the Albert Brooks-directed film The Muse, and is primarily orchestral tracks, which Elton penned. It does include one song with vocals, the title track, which was collaborated on with Bernie Taupin.


  1. 1.Driving Home1:50
  2. 2.Driving To Universal0:17
  3. 3.Driving To Jack’s1:06
  4. 4.Walk Of Shame1:34
  5. 5.Better Have A Gift2:06
  6. 6.The Wrong Gift3:01
  7. 7.The Aquarium2:11
  8. 8.Are We Laughing?1:07
  9. 9.Take A Walk With Me1:29
  10. 10.What Should I Do?1:11
  11. 11.Back To The Aquarium0:53
  12. 12.Steven Redecorates2:43
  13. 13.To The Guesthouse0:49
  14. 14.The Cookie Factory0:54
  15. 15.Multiple Personality2:23
  16. 16.Sarah Escapes1:44
  17. 17.Back To Paramount0:44
  18. 18.Meet Christine1:33
  19. 19.The Muse4:23
  20. 20.The Muse [Remix by Jermaine Dupri] 4:21

Liner Notes

Music & Lyrics by ELTON JOHN & BERNIE TAUPIN Produced by DARYL SIMMONS, GUY BABYLON & MICHAEL T. RYAN Orchestral Arrangements by GUY BABYLON Recorded at Silent Sound Studios, Atlanta, GA, US; Air Lyndhurst, London, UK; NHB West, Agoura, CA, US