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Empty Sky

Empty Sky

The album that started it all! While Elton's debut album was released in 1969 in the UK, it was not officially released in the US until 1975 and then under a different album cover than the one seen here.


  1. 1.Empty Sky8:30
  2. 2.Val-Hala4:12
  3. 3.Western Ford Gateway3:15
  4. 4.Hymn 20004:30
  5. 5.Lady What’s Tomorrow3:09
  6. 6.Sails3:45
  7. 7.The Scaffold3:18
  8. 8.Skyline Pigeon3:38
  9. 9.Gulliver/Hay Chewed6:58
  10. 10.Lady Samantha [Bonus Track]3:03
  11. 11.All Across The Havens [Bonus Track]2:53
  12. 12.It’s Me That You Need [Bonus Track]4:04
  13. 13.Just Like Strange Rain [Bonus Track]3:44

Liner Notes

Music & Lyrics by ELTON JOHN & BERNIE TAUPIN Produced by STEVE BROWN Recorded at Dick James Studios, London, UK