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These photos were taken on April 21, 2013, at The Million Dollar Piano show (Las Vegas, NV, US).

I was very fortunate to have VIP tickets, which were a birthday gift from my daughter. She was there with me, as well as one of my die-hard fan friends who was celebrating his 50th EJ show. To complete our foursome, the man I am dating, who is what we call an “EJ virgin.” Needless to say, it was an evening to remember!

The Million Dollar Piano is the ultimate experience for the real Elton fans (our group calls ourselves Disciples). The music, staging, and overall feeling of the show feels like the ultimate gift for us. There are the hits, of course, which everyone loves. But then comes the gems, the nuggets, the songs that we Disciples love.

There is nothing like being able to sing along to Better Off Dead, or being in awe of Elton’s voice as he effortlessly begins Indian Sunset in perfect a cappella pitch. Ray Cooper on stage? Hell, yeah. Only the die-hards can fully appreciate what this means.

We know, for instance, to pay attention during the video of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. After all, we have to find each and every EJ reference. We had to have missed something the last time!

Then there are the 2CELLOS, those amazing musicians in their own right, adding their own energy to an already charged atmosphere. We can never get tired of watching them.

The EJ band? Pure joy. Watching them is like having dinner with old friends. It always ends too soon, but the conversation and laughter makes new memories for us.

And then, suddenly, Elton is playing Crocodile Rock. We know what that means, and we prepare ourselves. We listen and sing along to Croc Rock, of course. But we also look around, scoping out the territory, positioning ourselves for the best possible route to the most coveted area in the Colosseum.

Suddenly, it’s time. The opening chords of Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting). We move as one, united in our quest to be at the left hand of our idol. And yes, we are there! As a woman who has loved Elton for over 40 years, this is the experience of a lifetime. He is closer than my teenage self could ever have imagined. I can hear his voice before it hits the microphone. I can feel the vibration of the piano. He never misses a beat, even as he takes the time to look at us crowded around him. I am looking right into his eyes. He sees me, and I see him. Eye contact. A thrill beyond all thrills.

I wonder how it feels for him, to feel this flood of love surrounding him? It must be amazing, and it must be the reason that he continues to tour relentlessly.

All too soon, the song is over. Elton is rushed off stage and we are escorted back to our seats. We are euphoric, smiling, somewhere in another world. The lights dim and we hear a familiar African rhythm begin. It’s Circle Of Life, the perfect finale to a perfect evening. Circle, indeed. We will all circle back to this place. We have no choice.

Thank you, Elton, Davey, Nigel, Ray, John, Kim, Matt, Luka, Stjepan, and the girls, for giving us this special evening.

We love you all.

Sue M.