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Location: Tacoma, Washington USA

Elton Fan Since: 1973

One Elton album you’d bring if you were stranded on a desert island: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Top three favourite Elton songs: Funeral/Love Lies, Someone Saved, Ticking 

First time seeing Elton live: Seattle Coliseum Oct. 1974 (2 nights)

Last time seeing Elton live: Seattle Key Arena Sep. 2006 (2 nights)

Random Fact: Some guy was signing autographs in ’74 in Seattle (he looked a LOT like Elton) in front of stage… but something wasn’t right. So I asked him to sign his real name. He said, ”What do you mean real name?”… and with no accent! The crowd around him were not happy became a bit unruly. HA! He was lucky to get out of the building.