Catherine P.

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Location: France

Elton Fan Since: 1992

One Elton album you’d bring if you were stranded on a desert island: The One

Top three favourite Elton songs: The One, Your Song, Healing Hands

First time seeing Elton live: London (Wembley Arena) – December 11, 2002

Last time seeing Elton live: Nice, France (Nikaïa) – June 22, 2012

Random Fact: A few years ago in summer, my sister phoned me, to tell me that Elton John was doing some shopping in the pedestrian precinct. I rushed into the precinct and I saw Sir Elton at Chanel’s. He was with David, Liz Hurley and her little boy. I was outside the shop. Elton John came out of the shop. I wanted an autograph. I knew that afterwards he would go to Louis Vuitton’s. I was walking behind him. I waited for them to come out of the shop. I was happy to see him. I have happy memories of that day.