Elton John (Deluxe Edition)

Elton John Deluxe Edition

Liner Notes


Produced by GUS DUDGEON

Orchestral Arrangements by PAUL BUCKMASTER

Recorded at Trident Studios, London, UK

Elton John (Deluxe Edition)

In 2008, Elton's classic 1970 self-titled album received the deluxe reissue treatment. Each track was digitally remastered to enhance its sound quality and several bonus tracks were added in, including Bad Side Of The Moon, Grey Seal (the original version), and Rock And Roll Madonna.

Released: June 10, 2008

Disc 1

  1. Your Song
  2. I Need You To Turn To
  3. Take Me To The Pilot
  4. No Shoe Strings On Louise
  5. First Episode At Hienton
  6. Sixty Years On
  7. Border Song
  8. The Greatest Discovery
  9. The Cage
  10. The King Must Die

Disc 2

  1. Your Song [Demo Version]
  2. I Need You To Turn To [Piano Demo]
  3. Take Me To The Pilot [Piano Demo]
  4. No Shoe Strings On Louise [Piano Demo]
  5. Sixty Years On [Piano Demo]
  6. The Greatest Discovery [Piano Demo]
  7. The Cage [Demo Version]
  8. The King Must Die [Piano Demo]
  9. Rock And Roll Madonna [Piano Demo]
  10. Thank You Mama [Piano Demo]
  11. All The Way Down To El Paso [Piano Demo]
  12. I’m Going Home [Piano Demo]
  13. Grey Seal [Piano Demo]
  14. Rock And Roll Madonna [Incomplete Band Demo]
  15. Bad Side Of The Moon
  16. Grey Seal [1970 Version]
  17. Rock And Roll Madonna
  18. Border Song [BBC Session] [with Hookfoot]
  19. Your Song [BBC Session]
  20. Take Me To The Pilot [BBC Session]