Lunch Around the World

Back in 2001, Elton fan Nancy Case from West Palm Beach, FL, thought up the Lunch Around The World concept. Her idea was simple and fun: Get together with your friends and celebrate Elton’s birthday by raising money for the Elton John AIDS Foundation. The EJAF liked the idea, and began to encourage the events by publicising them on the website and providing raffle or auction prizes. The idea soon took hold, and many fans around the world held events.

Lunch Around The World

Since Nancy Case’s original lunch, LATW events have been held across the US in Birmingham, North Carolina, Kansas City, Orlando, Indiana, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Racine, San Francisco, Staten Island, Washington DC, Boston, Manhattan, Atlanta, Minnesota, Westchester, St Petersburg and Sedona, as well as around the world in Great Britain, Mexico, Japan, Russia, Israel, Switzerland and Australia. Some of these have now become annual events, and have grown over the years as more people become involved.

Events range hugely and have included cake sales, coffee mornings, boat trips, theatre trips, musical evenings, lunches, dinners, barbecues, online chats, trips to the zoo and of course, Elton John tribute concerts.

Neither Elton nor the EJAF gets involved in these events, they are organised by the fans for the fans. However, has organised LATW-connected online auctions with items of clothing from Elton’s wardrobe, and Bernie Taupin has donated signed books for the auctions. also encourages the fans to keep the events small and manageable.

The total now raised by Elton’s fans since LATW began in 2002 is $240,198.00 and all this money has been given directly to the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

If you would like to become involved in a Lunch Around The World event, please contact and let’s discuss your ideas!