A Look at a Life in Love with the Games People Play

Written and researched by Ed Coan

Music may be Elton John’s first passion, but another abiding interest runs it a close second: sport.

In some ways, it’s an unsurprising second love, as the parallels are numerous. A devotion to high-level performance, the adrenaline rush of playing in front of big crowds — and the ever-present knowledge that you’re only as good as your last performance.

To rise to — and stay — at the top in both disciplines also requires similar qualities — stamina, endless practice and an unstinting professional approach. Oh yes, and a rich seam of natural talent.

Elton’s most publicised involvement with the sporting world is his enduring connection with Watford Football Club. It was the club he supported as a boy and of which he later became Chairman, guiding it to the highest echelon of the professional game in England.

Football (soccer for our American visitors) was in his blood from an early age, as his cousin Roy Dwight played professionally, most notably for Nottingham Forest and Fulham. Roy featured — and scored — for Forest in the 1959 FA Cup Final, but a tackle broke his leg in the 33rd minute and in the days before substitutes, his side was down to 10 men. Nevertheless, Forest won 2-1 and he collected an FA Cup winners’ medal — one of the game’s most coveted prizes.

But as this section of the website reveals, Elton is not football-centric. He has a general love of sport per se, and his involvement has been multi-faceted. Ultimately, it’s all led to the recent formation of Rocket Sports Management, dedicated to seeking out and nurturing future sporting talent.